Spiritual Gifts Assessment

Directions (30 minutes)
1. Respond to each statement according to the following scale:
     0 = Not at all, never
     1 = Some of the time, once in a while
     2 = Most of the time, usually true
     3 = Consistently, definitely true

2. Important: Answer according to who you are, not who you would like to be or thing you ought to be. How true are these statements of you? What has been your experience? To what degree do these statements reflect your usual tendencies?

3. When done, click on the submit button to calculate what your spiritual gifts are.
 I am able to cast a vision that others want to be a part of.
 I am able to challenge or rebuke others in order to foster spiritual growth.
 I am able to communicate God's word effectively.
 I am able to design and construct things that help the church.
 I am able to influence others to achieve a vision.
 I am able to motivate others to accomplish a goal.
 I am able to orchestrate or oversee several church ministries.
 I am approached by people who want to know my perspective on a particular passage or biblical truth.
 I am attracted to the idea of serving in another country or ethnic community.
 I am careful, thorough, and skilled at managing details.
 I am challenged to limit my lifestyle in order to give away a higher percentage of my income.
 I am committed, and schedule blocks of time for reading and studying scripture, to understand biblical truth fully and accurately.
 I am conscious of ministering to others as I pray.
 I am convinced of God's daily presence and action in my life.
 I am creative and imaginative.
 I am effective at adapting the gospel message so that it connects with an individual's felt need.
 I am good at and enjoy working with my hands.
 I am honored when someone asks me to pray for them.
 I am often sought out by others for advice about spiritual or personal matters.
 I am regularly challenging others to trust God.
 I am skilled in working with different kinds of tools.
 I am willing to take an active part in starting a new church.
 I apply various artistic expressions to communicate God's truth.
 I believe I have been given abundance of resources so that I may give more to the Lord's work.
 I believe that God will help me to accomplish great things.
 I boldly expose cultural trends, teaching, or events which contradict biblical principles.
 I can adapt well to different cultures and surroundings.
 I can adjust my leadership style to bring out the best in others.
 I can anticipate the likely consequences of an individual's or a groups' action.
 I can apply scriptural truth that others regard as practical and helpful.
 I can clarify goals and develop strategies or plans to accomplish them.
 I can communicate scripture in ways that motivate others to study and want to learn more.
 I can easily select the most effective course of action from among several alternatives.
 I can faithfully provide long-term support and concern for others.
 I can gently restore wandering believers to faith and fellowship.
 I can identify and effectively use the resources needed to accomplish tasks.
 I can identify preaching, teaching, or communication which is not true to the Bible.
 I can look beyond a person's handicaps or problems to see a life that matters to God.
 I can make people feel at ease even in unfamiliar surroundings.
 I can move forward in spite of opposition or lack of support when I sense God's blessing on an undertaking.
 I can often find simple, practical solutions in the midst of conflict or confusion.
 I can patiently support those going through painful experience as they try to stabilize their lives.
 I can present information and skills to others at a level that makes it easy for them to grasp and apply to their lives.
 I can readily distinguish between spiritual truth and error, good and evil.
 I can relate to others in culturally sensitive ways.
 I can see through phoniness or deceit before it is evident to others.
 I can sense when demonic forces are at work in a person or situation.
 I can speak in a way that results in conviction and change in the lives of others.
 I can spend time in study knowing that presenting truth will make a difference in the lives of people.
 I can visualize a coming event, anticipate potential problems, and develop backup plans.
 I can visualize how something should be constructed before I build it.
 I communicate the gospel to others with clarity and effectiveness.
 I confidently share my knowledge and insights with others.
 I consistently look for opportunities to build relationships with non-Christians.
 I discover important biblical truths when reading or studying scripture which benefit others in the body of Christ.
 I do whatever I can to make people feel that they belong.
 I empathize with hurting people and desire to help in their healing process.
 I enjoy bringing hope and joy to people living in difficult circumstances.
 I enjoy challenging people's perspective of God by using various forms of art.
 I enjoy developing and using my artistic skills (art, drama, music, photography, etc.).
 I enjoy doing practical things for others who are in need.
 I enjoy doing routine tasks that support the ministry.
 I enjoy entertaining people and opening my home to others.
 I enjoy explaining things to people so that they can grow spiritually and personally.
 I enjoy giving guidance and practical support to a small group of people.
 I enjoy helping people sometimes regarded as underserving or beyond help.
 I enjoy learning about how organizations function.
 I enjoy making things for use in ministry.
 I enjoy meeting new people and helping them to feel welcomed.
 I enjoy patiently but firmly nurturing others in their development as believers.
 I enjoy pioneering new undertakings.
 I enjoy praying for long periods of time and receive leading as to what God wants me to pray for.
 I enjoy reassuring and strengthening those who are discouraged.
 I enjoy spending time nurturing and caring for others.
 I enjoy working behind the scenes to support the work of others.
 I enjoy working creatively with wood, cloth, paints, metal, glass, or other materials.
 I feel comfortable being a helper, assisting others to do their job more effectively.
 I feel compelled to expose sin wherever I see it and to challenge people to repentance.
 I feel responsible to confront others with the truth.
 I figure out where we need to go and help others to get there.
 I find it natural and easy to trust God to answer my prayers.
 I frequently am able to judge a person's character based upon first impressions.
 I genuinely believe the Lord directs strangers to me who need to get connected to others.
 I give generously due to my commitment to stewardship.
 I give hope to others by directing them to the promises of God.
 I give liberally and joyfully to people in financial need or to projects requiring support.
 I give more than a tithe so that kingdom work can be accomplished.
 I give practical advice to help others through complicated situations.
 I have compassion for wandering believers and want to protect them.
 I have confidence in God's continuing provision and help, even in difficult times.
 I have great compassion for hurting people.
 I have insights into how to solve problems that others do not see.
 I have insights or just know something to be true.
 I have suddenly known some things about others, but did not know how I knew them.
 I help people understand themselves, their relationships, and God better through artistic expression.
 I honor God with my hand-crafted gifts.
 I influence others to perform to the best of their capability.
 I invite unbelievers to accept Christ as their Savior.
 I like finding new and fresh ways of communicating God's truth.
 I like knowing that my financial support makes a real difference in the lives and ministries of God's people.
 I like motivating others to take steps for spiritual growth.
 I like people who are honest and will speak the truth.
 I like to create a place where people do not feel that they are alone.
 I like to find small things that need to be done and often do them without being asked.
 I like to help organizations or groups become more efficient.
 I like to organize people, tasks, and events.
 I like to provide guidance for the whole person -- relationally, emotionally, spiritually, etc.
 I like to take a systematic approach to my study of the Bible.
 I manage my money well in order to free more of it for giving.
 I often see specific results in direct response to my prayers.
 I openly and confidently tell others what Christ has done for me.
 I openly tell people that I am a Christian and want them to ask me about my faith.
 I pay close attention to the words, phrases, and meaning of those who teach.
 I pray with confidence because I know that God works in response to prayer.
 I readily and happily use my natural or learned skills to help wherever needed.
 I reassure those who need to take courageous action in their faith, family, or life.
 I receive affirmation from others concerning the reliability of my insights or perceptions.
 I receive information from the Spirit that I did not acquire through natural means.
 I regularly need to get alone to reflect and develop my imagination.
 I see most actions as right or wrong, and feel the need to correct the wrong.
 I see spiritual significance in doing practical tasks.
 I seek opportunities to talk about spiritual matters with unbelievers.
 I set goals and manage people and resources effectively to accomplish them.
 I strengthen those who are wavering in their faith.
 I take prayer requests from others and consistently pray for them.
 I tend to see rightness or wrongness in situations.
 I tend to see the potential in people.
 I trust God in circumstances where success cannot be guaranteed by human effort alone.
 I view my home as a place to minister to people in need.
 I will speak God's truth, even in places where it is unpopular or difficult for others to accept.
 I willingly take on a variety of odd jobs around the church to meet the needs of others.
 I would like to start churches in places where they do not presently exist.
 When I hear about needy situations, I feel burdened to pray.