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The Bible contains MANY references to the word watch and its variants. There are several ways the word watch (and its variants) are used with probably the most important being our watching the Lord and what He is doing. We endanger our lives and the lives of those around us (spiritually as well as physically and emotionally) when we are not aware of what He is doing and we do things in our own strength and wisdom.

Some of the many variants of the word watch are shown below. If you click on the link you will be shown all verses with the selected matching word(s). For a complete listing of verses containing all of these words, click here.

  1. alert
  2. discover, discovered
  3. examine, examined, examines, examining
  4. gaze, gazing
  5. guard, guards, guarding, guarded
  6. look, looks, looked, looking, lookout, lookouts
  7. perceive, perceived, perceiving
  8. seer, seers
  9. sleepless, wake
  10. vision, visions
  11. watchman, watchmen
  12. watchtower, watchtowers
  13. watch, watched, watcher, watches, watchful, watchfulness, watching

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